Express Gut SuturesPrecision Reverse Cutting

Express Gut is an ideal surface suture in dermatologic repair.

  • Our fastest absorbing suture
  • Effective Wound Support for 5-7 days
  • Sizes 5-0 and 6-0 USP
  • Available in PC-1, P-1, and P-3 needles
  • Comparable to Ethicon Fast Absorbing Gut

Customer success story

Express Gut User - Dr. Niamtu
"I have been using Express Gut in my practice for two years. It's more affordable than other brands, and I don't have to sacrifice needle quality. They also have the most needle options, and I especially like using the P-3 needle which is only available through Corza Medical."

Dr. Joseph Niamtu
Niamtu Cosmetic Facial Surgery
Midlothian, VA

Express Gut has a similar absorption profile to Ethicon Fast Absorbing Gut.

3 product(s) found

6-0 Express Gut 1x18" P-1.

Item No.B1917N
Sharpoint Suture
Express Gut

6-0 Express Gut 1x18" P-3.

Item No.B1918N
Sharpoint Suture
Express Gut

ExpressGut 5-0Undyed18" P-3Precision RevCuting3/8 circle13.

Item No.B1919N
Sharpoint Suture
Express Gut